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Location and Contact Information

Integral Care Large Training Room
700 South Lamar
Building 1, Suite 102
Austin, Texas 78704
P: 512-440-4025
F: 512-445-7762

All providers must complete Integral Care training as required by contract. Some providers will also need specialized trainings as specified in their Integral Care contract or by Contract Management. Questions or comments can be directed to the email or address listed above.

Providers with access to Integral Care’s electronic medical records will be required to attend training on Integral Care's software. Additional pre-service clinical training will be required for the delivery of behavioral health and crisis services including, but are not limited to:

  • Resiliency and Disease Management program (RDM),
  • Texas Recommended Authorization Guidelines (TRAG) Assessment,
  • Texas Medication Algorithms,
  • Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders (COPSD) competencies,
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (as appropriate), and
  • Documentation of assessments, services and treatment planning in the electronic medical record.

Training Requirements

Tejas Providers: to obtain a listing of training requirements, click here.

All providers must finish the following required training before proving services and annually thereafter. Trainings include but not limited to: Rights, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, Client Grievance and Confidentiality, Deficit Reduction Act Training (Fraud Prevention) and Infection Control. These training requirements can be completed in one of two ways:

On-site Training

  • To download map to Integral Care's training rooms, click here PDF Document
  • To download a complete listing of Integral Care's training schedule (Revised 11-24-15), click here PDF Document

Self paced paper modules:
If a self paced paper module training is selected instead of on-site training, the provider must take a test and the results submitted to Contract Management for approval prior to the delivery of service. Questions or comments can be directed to 512-804-3175.

To download paper modules and test, click the links below:

Additional Training Requirements

These provider training requirements must be completed within 60 days of effective date of contract. Please note that these trainings cannot be competed via web-based training. These required trainings must be current at all times.

Individuals or agencies that provide or complete these trainings independently can provide the Human Recourse Development Coordinator with proof of completion for credit via fax or email (listed above).

CPR & Nonviolent Verbal Intervention

Providers may attend CPR certified classes offered in the community or attend a schedule class offered by Integral Care.  Integral Care will only accept American Red Cross or American Heart Association approved certification.

Behavioral Management programs may contain elements of Non-violent Crisis Intervention when it is a part of the consumers treatment plan. Integral Care honors Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggressive Behavior (SAMA), Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior trainings offered though State of Texas schools, hospitals or community centers.

Additional Refresher Training Requirements

Network providers must complete a refresher training in Rights, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Client Grievance, Confidentiality and Infection Control, CPR and Non-violent Crisis Intervention each year. All except  CPR and Non-violent Crisis Intervention can be completed by accessing Integral Care's web-based training.

Additional Training

Invoice Training:

Click here for INSTRUCTIONS, Click here for an EXAMPLE.

Provider Service Delivery Record:

Click here for INSTRUCTIONS, Click here for EXAMPLE.
Click here for a listing of frequently asked questions for providers on training.


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