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Project Recovery

Project Recovery

Location and Contact Information

Open 24/7, clinical staff available Mon-Sat
P: 512-804-3551
F: 512-804-3590

Project Recovery is a therapeutic program relying on court collaboration and referrals for defendants with mental illness and a long history of public intoxication arrests. This program is a collaborative effort between the City of Austin, Travis County and Integral Care. The program is a 180-day treatment model consisting of intensive treatment and case management, providing a holistic healthcare approach to recovery, obtaining employment and working to reintegrate individuals to community living.

The program begins with 90-days of residential and transitional treatment followed by an additional 90 days of intensive case management, individual counseling, community support, on-going skill building and chemical dependency interventions to motivate change in daily living. After hours on-call, and crisis support is provided by professional staff. Individuals are encouraged to continue treatment with recovery support groups and other fellowship opportunities after completing the program. Project Recovery is licensed by the Department of State Health Services as a residential substance use treatment program.

Who is Eligible?

The program is limited to 15 adult men with a history of chronic inebriation referred by Travis County Court at Law #5 and who have been incarcerated for enhanced (Class B) public intoxication. Clients may have combined diagnoses of mental illness and alcohol dependence.

Joint Comission