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Judge Guy Herman Center for Mental Health Crisis Care

Judge Guy Herman Center for Mental Health Crisis Care

Operated by Austin Travis County Integral Care, the Judge Guy Herman Center for Mental Health Crisis Care will help address Travis County’s lack of adequate access to emergency psychiatric services and will help support first responder and emergency healthcare services by creating a new point of access for crisis care. The center is the result of a collaboration of local healthcare organizations, including St. David’s Foundation and Central Health.

What is the purpose of the center?

The center will provide short term emergency psychiatric crisis care that includes stabilization, assessment and treatment in a secure, protected residential environment for individuals experiencing behavioral health crises. The center will accept both voluntary and involuntary individuals on Emergency Detention (ED) who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis. It will offer the right level of care at the right time, reduce cost of care and improve health outcomes for patients. Adding the center to the service continuum will ensure that psychiatric crisis treatment is available in the most appropriate, most cost-effective setting.

What are sources of referral to the center?

  • Austin Police Department
  • Travis County Sheriff’s Office
  • Integral Care’s Mobile Crisis Outreach Team
  • Community Mental Health Professionals
  • Seton Psychiatric Emergency Department
  • Integral Care’s Psychiatric Emergency Services
  • Self or Family

What services will be provided?

  • Crisis assessment
  • Crisis stabilization and extended observation
  • Medications
  • Therapy – individual and group
  • Nursing services
  • Case management
  • Discharge planning
  • Linkage to ongoing care and community resources

When will it open?

It is anticipated the center will open in early 2017.

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Read our full FAQ document about the center here.

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