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Family Preservation

Family Preservation

Location and Contact Information

Mon-Fri, flexible hours
2515 S. Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas 78704
P: 512-854-7053
F: 512-854-3170

The Family Preservation program provides solution-focused behavioral health care counseling and case management services to youth on probation and their families by helping them successfully complete probation requirements. Services are conducted in the home, at school and in the community – including individual and family counseling, parent education, multi-family counseling groups, coordination and advocacy for access to community resources, and Juvenile Court assistance in conjunction with the youth’s probation officer.

The program takes approximately four months to complete, but may take longer to meet additional requirements specified by the Travis County Juvenile Probation Department.

Who is Eligible?

Referrals for this program are made directly by the Travis County Juvenile Probation Department and ISC-Residential Center at Gardner Betts for youth who are previously adjudicated, currently serving probation or on deferred prosecution status. Referrals are made to the FPP based on families’ increased level of conflict that often occurs with at-risk youth who require intensive treatment and support. Eligibility criteria include youth who are also referred based on their decreased level of functioning either at home, in school, with peers or in the community over the past six months prior to referral or admission. Individualized person-centered care plans (FPP service plans) are developed with each client and family to address their specific issues and needs.

What to Expect

  • Once deemed eligible, FPP's Program Manager will assign each referred case to the appropriate FPP Counselor who will begin the admissions process.
  • During intake, the youth and parent/guardian will sign all required consents and authorizations to reflect a 4 month program time.
  • An assessment report will be completed, and an individualized solution-focused Service Plan is developed with client input, after which the case is admitted and enrolled in the program for services.

Joint Comission